Developer’s Republic Looks to Restore the Faith in Crowdfunding Indie Developers

Developers Republic, an indie developer-focussed company specialising in crowdfunding, publishing and PR, announces its entry into Virgin Media’s “VOOM – Pitch to Rich” competition for 2016.

Under our PR Hound brand, we work closely with indie developers in our Kickstarter work, and are proud to say that we have helped various teams raise over $1.2 million dollars.”, said Jim Philpot, Technical Director at Developers Republic. “Nowadays backers are, quite rightly, demanding more from developers!

With too many projects having failed to deliver, backers are being more hesitant to pledge without evidence of planning, and clearly defined objectives, this is what Developer’s Republic are looking to address. Wanting to give a ‘stamp of approval’ to titles, which will indicate to the backer Developer’s Republic are involved from the crowdfunding, to the earliest stages of development, right up to release!

This is a chance to demostrate the power of the indie scene as a group. This stage is all about votes and the current 1st place pitch has around 5,000 votes. I am absolutely convinced that if indie backers and developers voted we would absolutely demolish that total and enter the next stage from a position of real strength, showing Richard Branson that this is a serious market place worthy of support.”, says Jim Philpot, “Voting takes 16.1 seconds (or less!) and we can’t continue without those votes. Every single vote counts, so please take a few seconds to vote and let’s make a real positive change to the indie game scene!“.

Vote for Developers Republic on VOOM

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