Announcing Twitch vs One Troll Army

Unlike Twitch Plays Punch Club — where users played against the game — here they are going up directly against us, live.

  • Twitch Chat will control individual units in Twitch vs One Troll Army
  • A Stream First game, designed to be played with the audience
  • We will play against them
  • Users can assign costumes, and see their usernames in-game
  • They directly control actions of units, attack strategies, targets, and more
Twitch vs One Troll Army – Event details:
  • We will give the chat 9 hours to beat us.
  • Tomorrow, Thursday May 19th.
  • 9am CEST – 6pm CEST
  • Every time the chat wins a wave, One Troll Army’s price drops
  • It can go down to $0, in which case we release it for free
  • (the game will have DLC in the form of troll costumes regardless of if it’s free or not)
About One Troll Army

A tower defense-style game that puts you in the shoes of a giant troll protecting a fort. Gather resources, upgrade your fort, recruit workers, and fight off waves of enemies. Upgrading and micro-managing your troll unit is key.


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