Speed Elixir Is Coming in December

SPEED ELIXIR is an open world multiplayer racing game that’s coming to PC and gaming consoles in December 2016 (the specific release date is in the air). With good visual effects and open world setting, the game has the potential to be a hit in holiday 2016. If you are racing game enthusiast, or you are just casual gamer who likes to explore, the game can be your choice.

As an arcade style driving game, this game has the elements that make it stand out from titles of the genre.

There are different maps for gamers to choose. Gamers can experience the road conditions which are impossible to experience in your daily life like Mountains, desert, highway etc.

Use the latest technologies like HDR Lighting, Physical Based Rendering, Day and Night Cycle, Dynamic Weather and etc. to enhance the gameplay experience by high quality graphics.

The game has more than 15 types of game play. So there is always a new activity meets your need.

Speed Elixir focuses on providing ultimate gaming experiences for the gamers. The driving model is set to “Arcade” and “Easy Drifting Mode”. Every player can choose their own style. The driving modes is easy to learn but hard to master.

Seamless Multiplayer allows you communicate with other online players. It’s ok for you to turn off the multiplayer option if you want to play the game by yourself.

If you are interested in the game, you can go to the official site to learn more details.


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