GAME SPOTLIGHT: Ilios, Betrayal of Gods

Ilios: Betrayal of Gods is an Action Adventure game inspired by the classic console greatest hits like Castlevania, Odin Sphere, Devil May Cry or Bayonetta, featuring deep dynamic battle system, deadly platforming, mature story, and huge replay value.

  • Ilios: Betrayal of Gods is currently planned for release on PC, Mac and Linux
  • Play as Polites, the last survivor of the Trojan War. In his desire for revenge he wishes to eradicate everyone who destroyed the people he loved… Game of action and epic adventure, Ilios propels you into a mysterious and violent world where Polites will learn that the Gods are not what they claim to be.
  • Travel through 9 mythological levels, from aegean seas to Lemnos volcano, over 50 characters to encounter, over 60 combos and super attacks to master, loads of achievements and more than 8 hours of adventure.
  • All in Full HD 60fps.

Ilios: Betrayal of Gods is a game crossing over Beat’em all and Platformer, taking place in a world of Greek mythology stylized with Steampunk elements. A game that pays tribute to all our references as Bayonetta, Megaman, Castlevania and Saint Seiya!

  • Fight: The Divine World allows Polites to disappear and pass through complex combat situations. Moreover using the Divine Power at the right time he is able to counter his opponents’ strikes and trigger devastating counter-attacks. Combos and Specials Attackswill help Polites to triumph over his foes.
  • Explore: With the Power of Poseidon, by pressing a single button, Polites uses the Divine world to discover new paths and platform machines arranged by the god himself.Easing our hero’s progress on his quest for revenge.
  • Improve by raising yourself against the Gods. Polites acquires their Divine Powers that enrich his attack set with dramatic effect. Fight with the Ares Spear! Crush your enemies with the Hammer of Hephaestus! And so on with each new weapon having their own Skill Tree.
  • Choose and take responsibility of your fate: Choose to spare the vanquished Gods or let carried away by your burning anger, finishing your opponents off. But remember: to kill a God is not without consequences for a mere mortal.

Based on “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey” sung by Homer, the story of Ilios is an open romantic interpretation introduced during the event known as The Sack of Troy.

2 thoughts on “GAME SPOTLIGHT: Ilios, Betrayal of Gods

  1. This sounds pretty interesting. If it’s anything like Salt and Sanctuary or the classic Castlevania games I might pick it up.

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