Nordic Games announced SpellForce 3

Nordic Games are creating SpellForce 3 by blending two very popular genres: RPG and RTS.

SpellForce 3 takes place prior to the events of SpellForce: The Order of Dawn. Nordic Games promises this prequel will “immerse players in the lush and luxuriant fantasy world of Eo”.

Just like the previous games in the series, SpellForce 3 allows you to create your character from scratch. During the campaign you will earn experience allowing you to level up your character’s skills. You will be able to join forces with up to three different characters, allowing you to form a group of heroes.

Here are some of the key features of SpellForce 3:

RTS/RPG Mix: Unique gameplay combining RTS and Top-Down RPG genres

• RTS: the RTS part focuses on macromanagement (overall strategy, building a base/economy, conquering of zones, managing large groups of units)

• RPG: the RPG part puts emphasis on micromanaging the party of heroes (skills of ALL heroes of the party have assigned keyboard bindings) in battles

• Create & Customize: assemble your party of heroes and choose between numerous combinations of different skill builds

• Strengthen and command your army: Prepare your troops and fight the mother of all battles. Moreover, players can utilize a wide array of strategic choices (like e.g. terrain, troop formations, visibility, scouting etc.) that would make Sun Tzu proud

• Epic Storyline: Unravel a deep and sophisticated story, eventually leading up to the events that cause the world-changing convocation ritual

• Rich Universe & :Lore: Explore the world Eo and discover intrigues, secrets and a lot of loot for your hero

• Extensive Single-Player Campaign: 30+ hours, even more when you manage to discover all the things Grimlore put in the world

• Multiplayer: Strong multiplayer component with various modes – Play cooperatively or in versus battles



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