GAME SPOTLIGHT: Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime

Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime is a 2D Action-RPG in Space with Roguelike influences, set in a medieval, folktale-inspired fantasy universe.
As a young knight, go on an adventure in a surreal, storybook-like galaxy in your trusty spaceship. You need to be skillful in battle, upgrade and manage your ship well, and make the right choices during encounters. Only then will you be able to defeat the dreadful League of Black Knights who terrorize the realm.
  • Top-down, physics-based action combat with stylish real-time-lit pixel art visuals and smooth animation
  • An artistic vision of the Middle Ages infused with futuristic elements, as medieval knights clash in armoured spaceships
  • Deep and atmospheric universe with dozens of procedurally generated out-of-this-world locations on an ever-changing starmap
  • Hundreds of randomly generated text based events featuring colorful characters, locations and items inspired by classical tales such as Seven-League Boots, Table-Be-Set, or the Puss in Boots
  • Multiple playable ship types, upgrades, skills, items, loot and lots of unlockables providing plenty of replayability


Fabular aims to combine the tactical depth of classic action-RPGs with the procedural generation and text-based events of modern rogue-likes, meanwhile immersing players in a never-before-seen universe of surreal retro-futuristism.

In this artistic mashup of the Middle Ages, folktales and outer space, you take on a hero’s journey as the King’s youngest child. You explore the furthest corners of the Galaxy in your trusty spacecraft and engage other space-faring knights and creatures in battle using a unique, techno-fantasy themed skillset.


Explore a procedurally generated universe of hidden secrets and grave dangers by traveling on a node-based galactic starmap, where each place you visit yields a new special event or encounter. Decision making in these text-based illustrated events is key to your success in the game.

Plan your exploration well and be mindful of your choices, because resources and friends are scarce in Fabular’s deep space, and they can make or break your adventure. The adventure and exploration part of the game is influenced by modern day Rogue-like games such as FTL: Faster than Light and Hand of Fate.


The meat of the game is the battle phase, in which you have to control your spacecraft directly from a top-down view, and use the skills and equipment of your spaceship to overcome the enemy. Our aim with the combat system is to make it deep and challenging with large ‘build’ variety allowing both action and tactics lovers to equally enjoy the game.

Choose your ship type, upgrade it towards your way of playing and equip the items that work best for you – then use your skills and wits to defeat the enemy. The battle portion of the game tries to capture and build upon the combat system in a timeless classic: the Star Control series.


The outcome of battles depend largely on the condition and equipment of your ship. There is only so far your action skills can take you, if you are not equipped for the situation, you will likely perish. After each battle you get some form of loot, (currency, resources or items) which you can use to upgrade your ship, buy and sell resources at shops you come by and equip different items..

Different item and upgrade combinations work well for different purposes, and as you get more game-time under your belt, you will start to notice the combinations that work best for you. The management portion of the game draws inspiration from such classic Action-RPGs as Diablo 2 and Path of Exile.

Help the game get funded on the Kickstarter.


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