Just Cause 3 second DLC release date

Just Cause 3’s second content pack, called Mech Land Assault, will be available from June 3 for season pass holders, publisher Square Enix has announced. Those who don’t have the season pass will need to wait until June 10 to purchase the DLC.

“Mech Land Assault takes Rico Rodriguez to the new island of Lacrima, home to an abandoned eDen research base and a prison camp run by the mysterious Black Hand,” reads a press release.

“Defended by huge powerful Mechs, Rico will need the new Bavarium Power Core rifle to disable their shields and hijack them. Once inside, Rico can use their powerful cannons and the GRIP Gravity Guns to hurl and smash the enemy into pieces.”

The DLC will allow players to “jump and smash helicopters from the sky, or ground pound tanks with the GRIP’s Force Pulse attack.”

“We wanted to shake up how Rico interacts with his environment in a similar way,” explained Tobias Andersson, senior producer. “The new Mechs allow Rico to throw enemies, vehicles and chaos objects around like tennis balls–increasing the scope for physics-based fun.

“Whether you’re juggling a small car or punching helicopters out of the sky, the Mechs give you the opportunity to mess with your surroundings in creative, explosive ways.”

The final content pack in the Air, Land & Sea expansion, called Bavarium Sea Heist, “will be released by the end of summer 2016.”

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