Ex-developers of two studios have a new game

Fabrik Games, comprised of a few ex-Sony Liverpool and ex-Evolution developers, have announced their debut title: Filthy Lucre. Filthy Lucre is a top down heist game that mixes action and stealth to keep you on the edge of your seat. The developers claim if you hate stealth games that don’t allow you to go off-plan when you do something wrong, then this is the game for you.

Filthy Lucre allows players to infiltrate Britain’s criminal network in order to take out a mob boss, but the twist is that you are working for an equally despicable man. Fabrik Games are hoping to create a very ‘British game’, featuring the ”unique flavour of Brit gangster flicks” to the game.

Unlike a lot of stealth games, Filthy Lucre allows players to have a ‘Plan B’ option if the stealth mission you are on doesn’t go according to plan. If something does go wrong, the game doesn’t just end – you’ve got to blast your way out of the area with assault weapons at your disposal.

“Every time you play a mission, it plays out differently,” said Kieran D’Archambaud, Technical Director at Fabrik Games. “Emergent AI means the world acts and reacts according to your actions. We’re allowing players to create their own unique ways to make a steal, with different experiences each time. The choices you make in game have a consequence, your past actions cascade through the game world and will catch up with you.”

Filthy Lucre will be released sometime this year for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

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