Edengrad is a survival MMORPG based on the foundation of post-apo alternative culture and taking cues from such genre classics as Fallout and Mad Max. The game uses sandbox gameplay mechanics, letting the players take their own paths, rather than predefining a goal that needs to be accomplished. The main Focus of Edengrad is survival, construction of the new world, and player-driven development of settlements into cities.

You’ll start with collecting firewood, building primitive shelter, hunting for food, and trying to keep yourself hydrated in the unforgiving wasteland. The next chapter of your virtual life will start once you find some travel mates and decide to formalize your relationship by forming a faction.

Forming a „micro-society” benefits all of its members in ways inaccesible to lone wolfs. Among other things, there’s the ability to start your own settlement – a unique feature of Edengrad. It will serve as your base of operations, a trade center, or a strategically placed stronghold. Upkeeping and developing your settlement into a thriving (in a post-apo sense of the word) city, a gem of the wasteland can be your goal in the game. Or not. It’s up to you. All bets are off, school’s out forever, who’s to tell YOU what to do with your (statistically short) life on the surface?

Key Features:

• Most items from simple tools, to whole towns are crafted by the players.
• Character development freedom with 17 expanded abilities, each with its own skill tree.

• Character’s skills are being developed by using them – want to get better at woodcutting? Go cut wood!

• No unplayable character builds thanks to specially designed attribute system.
• No traditional character classes – a character is what a character does.
• Mechanics allowing players to build or buy whole towns.

• Endgame involving running a whole city, expanding your territory and fighting hostile factions and other towns.
• Procedurally generated content – always lots of things for the players to discover!
• Persistent game world dynamically shaped by the players from landscape, through local politics, to plot.
• Dynamic Click&Slash combat model for streamlined and fun, yet challenging encounters.

• Player VS Player mechanics allowing for rivalry and looting other players.
• A robust economic system imitating real-life free market.


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