Reveal of Poker Champion in Prominence Poker Development

Showing there’s no better way to capture the realism of a poker player’s rise to prominence than by collaborating with one of the world’s top poker players, 505 Games and Pipeworks today revealed the involvement of pro poker player Max Pescatori – four time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet holder – throughout the design process and early development of multiplayer poker RPG Prominence Poker, due to launch later this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

Pescatori had considerable input in fine-tuning key poker features of Prominence Poker, which is currently available as an in-progress beta as part of the Steam Early Access Program (EAP) and quickly became the #1 Early Access New Release game in the first weekend of launch.  The game uses poker as the main gameplay mechanic as players progress through a seedy underworld, building and creating their character and reputation along the way.

Prominence Poker is highly stylized with a compelling storyline, so it’s an honor to contribute to a poker game that values the strategy, depth and complexities of Texas Hold ‘em,” said professional poker player Max Pescatori. “Given Pipeworks’ proven track record with poker mechanics in World Series of Poker: Full House Pro, it’s been great to offer my experience to help them bring the table experience to life in Prominence Poker.

Players can currently play the game in Early Access and are encouraged to build up their bankroll in order to qualify for an invite to a private table for a chance to face off against the poker legend.  More information to come on upcoming scheduled games and when an avatar of Pescatori will be making a special appearance in-game.

“The addition of Max Pescatori on the project allowed us to hone in on the specifics of poker to help recreate the at-the-table intensity of playing poker,” said Lindsay Gupton, president of Pipeworks. “With his expertise, we improved the game’s pacing in multiplayer to keep the game exciting and focused on nailing the smallest details to perfection — like how to bluff, what certain tells mean and how to read other players.”


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