Das Tal Announces Summer Alpha

Fairytale Distillery has announced the dates for the Das Tal Summer Alpha.

Running from July 16 through July 30, the alpha will be hosted on a European server.   Anyone who registers at the Das Tal website by Wednesday, June 15th will be guaranteed a spot in the Alpha test.

The Summer Alpha will feature several new features, as announced:

  1. We are going to release the Spear/Shield-based Phalanx weapon setthat will combine mid-range melee attacks with a host of crowd control and support abilities.
  2.  A brand-new world map that is 3x as large as the old alpha map. Featuring three biomes: the desert, the mountains and the brand newpoison swamps.
  3. Player settlements will now come in different sizes and will have a host of new buildings available. Vote here for which new buildings you want to see first.
  4. We are going to release our first proper Tutorial to allow new players to try out the basic controls, combat and character development before jumping into the high-octane PvP world of the valley.
  5. We’ll introduce the first version of our solo player Challenge systemthat will allow you to unlock new titles, avatars, skins and other visual rewards for your character by solving a host of different daily, weekly and monthly challenges.

More info on the Alpha test and new features are available here.


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