You awaken to discover that you have crashed on a mysterious planet with no recollection of what occurred beforehand. While exploring your new surroundings, you uncover a hidden obsidian object emitting a haunting sound.

What the object does, and who created it is a mystery, but it’s newfound discovery will plunge you into a perilous journey deep inside of a dangerous lost world determined to stop you from discovering the object’s true purpose. As you uncover this planet’s long forgotten past, you will also piece together and confront your own…


*Exploration – A distinctive and vast game world for you to explore. The world is dark, mysterious and dangerous. You will need to use your wits and have a strong will in order to push forward and uncover the hidden secrets it holds. If you are fortunate in finding these secrets, you will be rewarded with large areas to explore with deep story content and hours of entertaining game play.

*Tactical Combat – Enemies are brutal and engaging. Combat is fast paced, but always needs to be approached with caution. Simply running into a fight will guarantee you perish swiftly. You must block, dodge and parry, and be ready to strike when the opportunity is right.

*Crafting – You will find workstations hidden throughout the world where you will be able to craft special equipment and weapons from the items you find throughout the world.

*Puzzles – Thoughtful and interesting puzzles compliment the combat. Search for relics, combine items and problem solve in order to move past obstacles and open gateways to new areas.

*Interactive Environments – Search drawers, open containers, pull levers, use plants….there are many items that will help you along the way, and exploring the world around you in detail is imperative to your survival.

Find out more about the game on Steam page.

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