Wildstar launches on Steam

WildStar’s Steam release was announced back in February, and now we finally know when you’ll be able to play it on Valve’s PC game platform. The free-to-play MMO hits Steam on June 9.

Developer Carbine Studios has a couple offers on hand as WildStar launches on Steam. New bundles will be available on its Steam page, while similar packages will feature in the in-game store. These bundles include things like cosmetic items, pets, mounts, and Signature time–the game is free-to-play, though you can subscribe to receive exclusive bonuses and perks.

The Steam version of WildStar will include all of its content, including what’s new in the Destination Arcterra update. The latest update adds a brand new area, a dynamic blizzard event, a new instance, and more. You can read all about it here.



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