Edengrad Seeks Release Funding on Kickstarter

We wrote about Edengrad just few days ago and now the team behind the game is seeking funds on the Kickstarter.

“We’ve prepared the stage of the events – a wasteland that’s as deadly as it is full of adventure, beautiful in its twisted way. All we need now, to launch the game to open public, is to secure a large enough server infrastructure to allow the global gaming community to access our realm and let them know that the gates are about to open. To that end – we need to secure some extra infrastructure and publicity money, and we’re turning to Kickstarter.” – explains Huckleberry Games head, PatrykBorowski.

“Edengrad is a subscription-free MMO, not unlike such titles as Guild Wars. You buy the game, and you play it for as long as you like. There will be some micro-payments in the game itself, but they won’t be necessary to enjoy the game and complete your in-game goals. We’ve chosen this model to ensure that Edengrad is as accessible as possible and draw in as many settlers to the wasteland as we can, so everyone has the best experience.”– explains Borowski. To learn more and back Edengrad, click through to the Kickstarter campaign site.

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