Albion Online – Weapon Spotlight: Warbow

Sandbox Interactive premiered their new Weapon Spotlight video series, in which they extensively feature a weapon of Albion Online, their sandbox-MMORPG.

Combat has always been the core of the Albion Online experience, where players have complete freedom to play whatever they want through the classless system. Their equipment determines what they can do, with each weapon and armor being unique in their own way. Weapons are the most-defining piece of equipment and the new series aims to highlight them, giving players an insight on their various skills and possibilities.

The first video of the new series revolves around the Warbow, a ranged weapon which deals physical damage. Under the guidance of Gordon, Weapon Master of the Royal Expeditionary Forces and narrator of the video, the viewer learns about the numerous spells the weapon has to offer, as well as possible equipment combinations and tactics against both environmental threats and players.

More Weapon Spotlights are set to follow in the future.

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