Positech Games announces an expansion to Democracy 3 – Electioneering


Positech Games, the team behind Democracy 3, are bringing elections to their game in Democracy 3: Electioneering.

Here’s what the developers have to say about the latest expansion to Democracy 3:

Getting the top job in politics is no simple task. Before polling day you’ll need to raise campaign funds; draft a manifesto full of (empty/crazy/fiscally irresponsible – delete as appropriate) pledges; prove your leadership qualities with rousing speeches and maybe even show your transparency by publishing your tax returns. Democracy 3: Electioneering adds the following new features:

• Manifesto promises: Popular policies may deliver votes, but if not kept once in power you risk alienating the very people who put you there

• Fundraising: Woo party donors and watch your war chest grow

• Voter perception: Call in the spin doctors to ensure publicity stunts like visiting an orphanage or training with the armed forces make front page news

• On the podium: Give speeches tailored to your target demographic

• Improved GUI: Watch the election results come in and prepare to take office or put on a brave smile


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