Galactic Civilizations III v1.8 with Asteroid Mining and More is Now Available

Stardock released v1.8 for its popular strategy game, Galactic Civilizations III today. The update adds the new Asteroid Mining feature, along with ship leveling, an improved multiplayer experience, and more.

“We have been wanting to add asteroid mining for a while now,” said Galactic Civilizations III lead designer Paul Boyer. “Now, players can choose asteroids in their zone of control and spend credits to make an Asteroid Mining Base that will send raw production to the planet of their choice.”

In addition to mining asteroids, players will be able to level their ships by winning battles and surveying anomalies. Base hit points (HP) of ships will increase every time they progress. Mercenary ships gain additional bonuses, which makes them more relevant in the late game.

“Multiplayer experience is very important to us,” said Boyer. “We have pinpointed some areas that can help the player’s games flow more smoothly and have made adjustments there.” Ships now have increased movement speed in multiplayer games and the movement and events systems reduce the number of stacked turns and desyncs.  

Along with a new planet list that shows the player planets they have discovered but haven’t colonized yet, v1.8 also contains several other updates to gameplay such as adjustments to diplomacy statistic bonuses, target modifiers, the conquest military goal, and more.

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