Rocket League comes to the Tokyo

Developer Psyonix is releasing another map for Rocket League this month, and it’s coming alongside the “largest update in the game’s history.” The map is called Neo Tokyo and it’s cyberpunk-themed, multileveled, and set in a futuristic Tokyo.

In addition to the map, the Neo Tokyo update also includes a number of tweaks, changes, and additions to Rocket League. It’s easy to see why Psyonix says it’s the biggest in history–there are a lot of new features coming. In addition to the map, the update adds:

  • A bunch of “rare” and “very rare” cosmetic items that are awarded for post-game drops;
  • A previously announced trade-in system for unwanted or duplicate cosmetic items;
  • “Painted” items that are variations on existing cosmetic items;
  • “Certified” items that track in-game stats and increase in prestige as those stats increase;
  • New chat options;
  • New post-game celebrations;
  • An experimental arena called “Pillars” that divides the normal Rocket League field into three lanes;
  • Eight new trophies and achievements;
  • An in-game showroom that allows players to view and buy previously released premium DLC.

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