Battlefield 1’s Confirmed Maps and Modes

Battlefield 1 is set to release in October and will feature a bunch of maps based on historic World War 1 locations. It’ll also include classic Battlefield modes, in addition to a new one called Operations, where you wage war across several maps and rounds in an inter-connected series of battles.

More maps and modes are sure to be revealed in the future, but the confirmed maps so far are set in France and Italy. A war-torn French city; the trench-filled battlefields of Northern France; the Venetion Alps; and the Adriatic coast are all settings for Battlefield 1’s matches.

Battlefield 1’s confirmed modes are the large-scale Conquest, the close-quarters Domination, and the inter-connected Operations, which features a series of maps and matches. For example, if the defenders fail to keep their objectives, they’ll retreat and regroup on a new map in a new match, and the battle will continue.

You can see the full lists of confirmed maps and modes below.

Confirmed Maps

  • Amiens — a French city taken over by war between the British and Germans
  • The St. Quentin Scar — the trench-filled battlefields of Northern France
  • Monte Grappa — the Venetian Alps with cannon-equipped mountain forts that are fought over by the Austra Hungarian Empire and the Italian Army
  • Empire’s Edge — the Adriatic coast with battleships

Confirmed Modes

  • Conquest — a large-scale battle with up to 64 players fighting for objectives
  • Domination — smaller locations with objectives and an on-foot combat focus
  • Operations — a series of maps and rounds that are inter-connected by the matches’ results

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