Albion Online – New World: The Royal Islands and The Outlands

With the release of their latest Developer News today, Sandbox Interactive gives their playerbase a look at the upcoming new world map. With the launch of Final Beta this July, the old East and West Continent will be removed from the game and replaced with two Royal Islands and a Lawless Continent called “The Outlands”.

There are two main motives behind these changes. First of all, the current red and yellow zones needed to be more accessible to new players, without the largest of guilds pushing them out. Secondly, there had to be a bigger area for guilds and hardcore PvP. The Royal Islands resolve the first issue, while The Outlands will give hardcore players a huge playing field.

The Royal Islands are two separate islands: the King’s Isle and Queen’s Isle. They have resources up to Tier 7 and consist of green, yellow and red zones. Every player starts their adventure on either of two islands, the harbors of which allow them to travel to The Outlands. As the islands are governed by the Royal Expeditionary Forces, they are relatively safe and murderers will face consequences for their actions.
The Royal Islands are the perfect place for gatherers, crafters, roleplayers and small scale PvP.

The Outlands are completely covered in black zones, with resources up to Tier 8. There is no law enforcement. Players and guilds are free to claim territories and wage wars, plundering and murdering as they please. The land is bigger than both Royal Islands combined, making sure players have enough room to fight and conquer. The most powerful creatures will also be found in The Outlands, roaming around the best resources and secret treasures.

This is only one of the many changes coming along with the Final Beta this July. The exact release date, as well as the update’s exact content, will be announced over the course of the next couple of weeks.

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