Trinium Wars leaves Steam Early Access

Post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi MMORPG Trinium Wars celebrates its commercial launch. Localisation and balancing have been improved and most reported bugs have been ironed out. The commercial launch also marks the official opening of the Resource War mode which will pit players with level 30 in a continuous fight for the precious resource! The game is now available for free on Steam.

After releasing the “Puton Conflict” expansion and changing to Free to Play at the end of May, developer Hanmarusoft and publisher InselGames are happy to announce the commercial launch of Trinium Wars. Since the start of Early Access in March, Hanmarusoft has provided an extensive amount of content updates to the players that improved and expanded Trinium Wars step by step. New features like the dungeons with their mighty bosses and the Battle Arena have been implemented during this phase. Players are now able to battle the other faction in the Resource War, conquering mines and defending their supply chains. With each update, players could follow the growth and completion of the game and provide their feedback to the developers via the Steam forum. Hanmarusoft took the suggestions into consideration and many changes have been made to the game based on this feedback, most significant the change to Free to Play. As a final touch to the commercial version localization mistakes and balancing issues have been fixed.

The development team celebrates the commercial launch with a Steam Sale and gives 40% discount on the Deluxe and Collector’s Edition of Trinium Wars. These contain special items such as the “Premium Mount”, additional inventory space and the “Automatic Loot System” to grant players a more convenient start into the game. Owners of the Collector’s Edition get the exclusive Steampunk costume on top.

Trinium Wars is available for free via Steam.


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