Albion Online – Flora and Fauna of the Steppes

As Final Beta draws closer, Sandbox Interactive is revealing more information regarding the new biomes coming to Albion Online, their sandbox-MMORPG. Starting with the steppes, they take a closer look at each biome and what players can expect to find.

Each biome will contain three different resources. One main resource, one common resource and one rare resource. For the steppes, these are respectively Hide, Fiber and Ore. As the biome has Hide as its main resource, it will get a total of eight unique hide mobs that drop Tier 1 to Tier 8 Hide.

  • Tier 1: Marmot
  • Tier 2: Impala
  • Tier 3: Moa Bird
  • Tier 4: Giant Stag
  • Tier 5: Terror Bird
  • Tier 6: Rhinoceros
  • Tier 7: Mammoth
  • Tier 8: Ancient Mammoth
In addition to hide mobs, special critter mobs also appear in the steppes. These creatures are deeply connected to the world of Albion, and drop resources specific to their biome. For the steppes, the critter mobs will be:
  • Tier 3: Cougar
  • Tier 5: Sabretooth Tiger
  • Tier 7: Mature Sabretooth Tiger
Players will be able to use several of these new mobs as mounts as the Beta progresses.

The steppes will also look differently, depending on where players are in the world. Tier 1 to 4 clusters will be green steppes, Tier 5 and 6 will be red steppes and Tier 7 and 8 will be dead steppes. This way, players will be aware of the danger they are in, based on the look of the map.

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