Albion Online – The reworked Guild vs. Guild system has been revealed!

Sandbox Interactive has revealed a new video regarding the upcoming Guild vs. Guild (GvG) rework for Albion Online, their sandbox-MMORPG. 
In Guild battles, guilds can fight and conquer territory around the world through 5v5 battles. However, the developers found the system to be unfinished and flat in its current state, which is why they are presently reworking many of its features. This rework will go live with final Beta this summer.

The following new features will be added:

  • New Cluster Lay-out – Each cluster will only have one base territory, giving guilds a safe haven to call home.
  • Watch Towers – Replacing the current resource territories, Watch Towers will be open territories with a tower and NPC Guards that shoots down hostiles that dare to enter the perimeter.
  • Regional Timers – GvG can only take place during a set amount of hours per day, which will be different per region in game. Players per time zone can fight in the region most convenient to them.
  • Retaliation Attacks – If a Guild lost their territory but own a neighboring territory, they can launch a Retaliation Attack to try and get back the lost piece of land.
  • Counter Attacks – If a defending Guild wins a GvG by a large margin or by default, they can attack their enemies. This encourages serious play and avoids guilds launching fake attacks.
A number of features will also be reworked:
  • Battle declaration (for Guilds with territory) will be simplified.
  • Siege Camps (for Guilds without territory) can only be used once per day to schedule an attack. A Guild can also pacify the Siege Camp, disabling the Camp for the rest of the day.
  • Defender Bonus will no longer demotivate losing defenders, giving defending Guilds after losses a higher bonus to help them in future fights.
  • Several UI elements will be polished.
This Guild vs. Guild rework will allow for a more interactive and in-depth playstyle, as well as make the system more accessible for Guilds all around the world.

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