Funcom push Conan Exiles Early Access date to January 2017

Funcom Productions, the developers of the Age of Conan MMO, have announced some positive news regarding their latest game – Conan Exiles. The developers have been given additional funding, allowing the studio to spend significantly more time on the game in order to make it great. With the help of the community, plus the added time they’ve been given, Funcom have pushed the Early Access date of Conan Access from September 2016 to January 2017.

“Almost two weeks back, we revealed that our plan had been to bring Conan Exiles into Early Access in September this year,” said Joel Bylos, Creative Director at Funcom.”Since then, we have looked closely at the game and our production schedule, and we have been reading all of the feedback we have received from you as well as the feedback and expectations we have received from fans of the genre.”

“We have come to realize that we would like to spend a little more time creating our vision of Hyboria before we release it into Early Access. Having very recently secured additional funding for our studio which has made our financial situation much more flexible than even just a few weeks back, we want to take advantage of that and move Early Access to January 2017. With the extra time in development, we believe we can make a better game for you, the fans.”

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