Koei Tecmo Europe released today a new batch of assets and information focusing on the alternative strategic options presented to players in the upcoming renowned strategy seriesRomance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, available from 8th July 2016 on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system (physical and digital), and PC via Steam®.

Battles are not only won by force, but by careful preparation and strategising. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII offers a wide selection of preparatory and diplomatic gameplay elements that take place ahead of warfare, known as the Civic Development system. This system offers players the chance to improve different aspects of their domain. Commerce, Farming and Culture can be developed to give various boosts to the army, both in strength and in loyalty. When developing the kingdom the changes made are presented to the Officers, allowing them to share their views, and point out the merits and faults of a strategy before a final decision is made.

A unique feature in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII is the Bond system. This is an important part of the gameplay which measures the intensity of the player’s relations to historic figures, and records it on a Relationship Chart as positive or negative. Maintaining a strong network is fundamental to receiving aid in tight situations, particularly when summoned by the higher lords. During these moments these connections are able to fight for the player’s cause and help turn the tide of battle in their favour. Another use of this system is during Debates, which can be used to convince lords to act in certain ways. Winning a debate can lead to forming alliances with other leaders, with the length of it depending on your intensity of you bond.

Koei Tecmo released two new gameplay videos detailing the Civic Development features and the Bond system. A new trailer was also revealed, promoting the many different strategic options players have at their disposal.


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