Thea: The Awakening Launches Multiplayer DLC

Indie studio MuHa Games is happy to announce the release of the second huge expansion for their successful strategic survival game Thea: The Awakening. The MultiPlayer DLC adds a co-op campaign to play with a friend along with many other new gameplay mechanics.

MultiPlayer DLC for Thea: The Awakening allows gamers to play the entire non-linear story campaign in cooperation with a friend. The players’ villages can exchange goods while their heroes explore the procedurally generated world full of mythical creatures and thrilling events. The game remains a turn-based title with both players required to finish their actions before the AI’s move.

The new expansion is free for all players who already own Thea: The Awakening or decide to buy it now. During the Steam Summer Sale the game is 40% off with other price drops following in various distribution channels.

Key Features of MultiPlayer DLC for Thea: The Awakening:
●     Co-op campaign for two players!
●     A set of new events – fully translated and voiced.
●     New enemies including Bearded Dwarves, Dwarf Cultists, Bound Spirits, and Karakandza
●     Two new unique characters that can join your village.
●     A set of additional events in English text only (as a separate download).
●     Improvements to User Interface.
●     New artwork and icons for crafting, creatures, and dozens of items in the game.
●     Armors, shields, and some of the enemies rebalanced based on the feedback from the community


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