REVIEW: Jelly Killer

Jelly Killer is a old-school style platformer in which you control a little zombie-genom that can take bodies of other live creatures.

Status: Released

Developer:  Immortal Game Studio

Publisher: Immortal Game Studio

Genre:  Puzzle Platformer

Release date: 24 Mar, 2016

Type: Single Player



In 2784 after decades of zombie invasions the scientists finally discovered the so-called zombie-genome which is able to equip dead corpses different abilities. After many experiments they finally made the first prototype of a biological weapon which had its own mind and shapeless jelly-like body. It had an ability to take control of any living creature. But one day there was an emergency. One of the labs in Colony No4 went out of power just for a few seconds. It was enough for the young bioweapon to feel free and escape.


Jelly Killer is a good old platformer according to the developer and I can say the same thing. It’s a very good game, with nice graphics, music, sounds and game design generally. You as a little jelly-body character must take control other “creatures” in order to get through the areas. There are only few types of creatures you can take on. First one is the Professor, with which you can jump higher, Worker with which you can move boxes around, Security guy with which you can shoot from the gun, Jet Pack with which you can double jump and the last is the General with which you can and you will need to open some doors. There is one more character, a cyborg, but he can’t be controlled, only killed by a gun. This game doesn’t have the checkpoint system as Pharaoh Rebirth+ game, so if you die just before you end the area, you will be back on start of the area, so be carefull and be ready for some frustrations. Controls are very simple, easy and responsible. With W you jump, with S you can drop down from some platform or something and with A, D you move right or left. Also you can use Up and Down arrow key in order to see just a little bit above or below. That’s great, because if you don’t use the arrow keys, you will not know what is waiting you down there, it might be spikes or a cyborg.

What makes a good platformer? In my opinion: controls, level design, enemies/obstacles. Graphics, sound, music and everything else isn’t really so important. It can only increase the rating of the game, but those three factors are the most important. Controls as I already said are good in this game, maybe not the best, but since you can’t change the key bindings (or I didn’t find it yet) they are good. Level design is satisfying, sometimes it can be a little bit hard to get the right path which will result in death, but I like the level design and game design generally. There are only two enemies: Security Guard and Cyborg and everything else are obstacles. Most of the times you will need to pass through lasers,spikes,dropping metal heads, automatic guns. To be honest this platformer is very easy, I was playing on normal all the time and didn’t have any big problems, yes you will need to repeat some area 10 times, but beside that, the game is easy and not frustrating. Frustration is I think another factor that makes platformer a good platformer. There are so many good platformers, but sometimes they are hard, complicate and people just give up, because they are too frustrated to continue playing it. You shouldn’t have a problem with Jelly Killer.


As you progress the levels should be harder, but they are not, the only thing that changes over the time is the size of the level. After 45 levels, they are getting longer, but not harder. Since there is no map, minimap or something other to orientate, you will probably be “forced” to die several times in order to remember the path, but it’s not all about remembering the path, because sometimes you will need to remember which creature to take first. There are few levels, where you will need to take General to open the door and then go back and take the worker so that you can move the box. Those are only few levels where you will need to use your brain. Overall the game is easy, I didn’t tried the hard difficulty, but I guess it’s not so hard? To make those longer levels easier, developer added teleporters. There will not be a lot of chances to use teloporters, but they are quite useful,


For price of €2.99, you will get almost the same amount of hours. I needed about 3 hours and maybe a little more to finish 54 areas in the game on normal difficulty. I don’t how much someone wants to finish this game for the second time on hard difficulty, but let’s say that for the price you pay, you get enough hours of fun and a little bit frustration. The game is not perfect, but who like platformers will like this game and other people, well play it for a while and decide, you can always refund. Story is not important here, even though it’s interesting, the game is too linear, they could have add some freedom and you can’t change the controls of the game, but that is not a big minus. All in all I am satisfied with this game, this is one of those game with which you can rest for a while after playing some “big” and “serious” game. I recommend this game, it’s not the best, but it’s certainly worth it of playing and finishing the game.

RATING: 65/100

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