PREVIEW: Torn Tales


Torn Tales is an Adventure / Action RPG set in a folk story, only things aren’t what they should be…The world has quite literally been torn apart, twisted and corrupted as though it is being rewritten.

Status: Pre-release

Developer: Twistplay

Publisher: Chilled Mouse

Genre: Real time squad based RPG

Release Date: Fall 2016


Snow White finds herself lost in a forest she’s not seen before after running away from her castle to escape her wicked stepmother. She set off for safety with the Seven Dwarves but ended up finding herself threatened by a foul beast. A stranger in green, holding a bow, emerges from the forest saving her. He calls out “Marian!” only for him to have mistaken her for the wrong person. The stranger explains that he was looking for a woman Maid Marian who looks much like her and introduces himself as Robin Hood of Sherwood Forrest. Grateful for the help, Snow White tells of her story. Robin mentions that she is not the first person in a similar situation he’s come across that day and how the forest is now filled with dark creatures. Robin leads Snow White through the woods to the man that he spoke of, fighting beasts and barbarians along the way. Eventually they meet up with Doctor Jekyll, a man who says very little and is somewhat mysterious. The three of them together set out to find what has caused this mess as they make their way through the torn pages into five different realms. Their adventure will see them encountering characters from other folk tales.

In Torn Tales, you play as three characters. Snow White, a mage able to heal and cast ice magic. Robin Hood, a ranger skilled with a bow as well as a sword. Doctor Jekyll, a scientist that attacks with a cane but also mutates into Hyde, a large and powerful beast.

Each person has their own set of skills that you can unlock and upgrade by levelling up the characters. They start off able to learn three new skills and at level 8 they can learn two more. Once you reach level 14 you can begin to unlock the five runes that are available for each of them. A random rune will be unlocked as you spend points in a skill. The runes each provide a unique upgrade and you can only attach one of them at a time allowing you to use different combinations of skills. Upon reaching level 20 you can spend points in their ultimate skills, they have two and level up in the same way.

On your journey you will come across chests, the loot consists of an amulet or a ring you can equip. The rings have two passive effects, they can be resistances to negative conditions, improvements to your power or attack speed and auras that provide buffs. Amulets can be more powerful as they have an active ability as well as a passive ability that can be found on rings. The active abilities can be used to heal the character it’s on, provide slightly stronger buffs, cast spells and even summon skeletons.

The characters have their own hotbar for you to place the skills and jewellery and you can change your loadout any time outside of combat. All three characters have a shared inventory.

You manage one of the heroes at a time whilst the remaining two are taken over by AI although you move all three of them together yourself using either ‘attack move’ or ‘rally’. You can set how they behave during combat so they will attack anything they see, attack only your selected target or try avoid combat, these will be used when ordering attack move. Rally will tell them to move to the location and not engage in combat. the last thing you can set for the AI is the use of auto-casting, turning this on and the AI will use the skills.

The game has five chapters, they contain two levels that you must complete to progress and two side quests that are optional. Each chapter is set in a different theme and you’ll hear the story being read out as you make your way through them. After completing the story in Normal you can play in Hardcore for a harder challenge. There’s also an arena where you can fight endless groups of enemies.

Throughout the levels you will encounter small clusters of enemies, all of them have different weaknesses that you need to adjust your skills to fight. There are a number of bosses you fight in each level and they’ve got a nice variety.

You don’t need to be good at micromanagment but for those that are better at it, you can switch between the characters and manage the skills instead of having the AI completely take over. Allowing people of all different skill levels to play.

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