PREVIEW: Infinite Minigolf


Alright, to start I’m not usually one for sport related games but something about user created levels (within the game, not workshop) plus power-ups just made me want to give it a go, I was not disappointed. When you open Infinite Minigolf you’re instructed to create your avatar with only a few options available now, but more as you level up. Then you’re off without much instruction, while this is a pet-peeve of mine and is a negative to me, I was able to pick up on the controls fairly quickly as there aren’t a lot of them.

Status: TBA

Developer: Zen Studios

Publisher: Zen Studios

Genre:  Minigolf

Release date: 6 October, 2016

Type: Single Player, Local Multi-player

There are no built in developer levels (hence no tutorial), it’s all the communities ideas, though a few of the devs may or may not make a few courses. This has the potential to be both bad and good and I’m happy to say that for now the courses are generally fun, interesting and challenging in most cases and only very few are disappointing or bland. In all courses you compete against others in the world for the right to be top dog, via a leaderboard. There doesn’t seem to be much meaning in getting a high score other than getting over a “goal” score and even then I’m unsure of if that gives exp for a level or even how much.

Levelling up gives you access to more clothing, hair styles, golf clubs/balls and accessories, which is alright as the early stuff is pretty basic and I’m hoping the later items are impressive. Only problem I find with the levelling system is that it doesn’t inform you that you’ve levelled up or even store your earned experience over the level up, so after completing ten holes over goal I thought I’d hit maybe level five or six, but only went up one. So if you’re after levelling you almost need to go back to the main menu each time you pass a hole. On the plus side you seem to level up very fast early on which lessens the blow of losing experience a little.

The editor itself and the source of all the courses online is fairly easy to use once you know how to use it, but with a lack of another tutorial it can be a bit of a hit and miss. It doesn’t help that the tutorial tells me to use RB, LB and RT, LT which implies that I had a hand controller connected, I did not. Apart from that the tutorial is very close to being a top quality editor, my favourite function being the function that snaps two pieces together and it does it in a smart way that feels intuitive. It’s also not an editor that requires you to type in the X, Y, Z positions, but this can be weird if you want to do something amazing but there are work arounds for those kinds of things so it’s not a problem. Not only that but each map has it’s own editor space with unique pieces (at least it seems that way for now) though only one map type is out now more is to come as progress is made.

Speaking of progress, they have said that there are two more themes to be released, online multiplayer with up to 8 people, skills and a single player campaign with over 300 holes. It sounds like it’s going to be chock full of things to do by the time it’s fully released and I for one am awaiting more content eagerly.

To sum it up, Infinite Minigolf has lots of potential and lots of promised potential and not a lot of problems or things barring your way to having a fun time. A simple tutorial or set of tutorial holes would vastly improve the ease of getting into the swing of things but for now you’ll have to learn on your own. Apart from that, pick it up, go play it and make some holes for the world to enjoy.


+ Smooth Graphics not noticed frame drops
+ Very easy to use editor
+ Lots of customisation options for your avatar (only cosmetic)
+ Plenty of levels already
+ Simple controls
+ Global leaderboards
+ Lots of extras promised

+/- Visuals could be a little cartoon like for some, but this comes down to personal preference
+/- Lots of experience given out (early on anyway)
+/- No multiplayer… yet

– Editor having RB, LB, RT and LT instead of keyboard keys when no controller is connected
– No tutorial or instructions for controls or abilities
– No list of holes, it randomly picks a hole from those available
– Experience lost if not used as you level up
– No notification of leveling up
= Worth your time, worth your money and worth it

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