PREVIEW: SpiritSphere


SpiritSphere was developed and published by Eendhoorn Games. The game at this current early access stage seems to have a lot of potential, it is very fun to play but there are a few improvements that I would like to bring up to make the gameplay more enjoyable and better overall.

Status: Early Access

Developer: Eendhoorn Games

Publisher: Eendhoorn Games

Genre: Competitive Local Multiplayer

Release date: TBA

Type: Single-player, Local multi-player and co-op


The game itself is very fun to play, and although it seems rather repetitive from the video and screen shots provided it really is a blast to play. Even at its early access stage I still really enjoyed my time playing this game for a couple of minutes everyday. So what actually is SpiritSphere?

The gameplay itself is basically hitting a Sphere back and forth from your side to your opponent’s side, now although from that it may sound boring and not unique there are other elements that make it different. For example, there are different types of Spheres that may be faster, disappear for a short time, split and so on to keep the game fresh and have more content altogether. I really like the different Spheres in the game, they really do make each match different in some aspect.

As well as the different Spheres that are in the game there are also a few characters that you can play as that have their own moves to hit the Sphere back. At the moment, there are currently only 4 characters that you can play, a girl with a sword, a mage with magic, a cat with bite and a Druid with his pets. Now each of these characters have the basic attacks, a basic attack, a charged attack that lets you briefly take control of the ball and a quick move.

Now even though the characters and attacks are great, there is no way of changing the controls on the keyboard meaning that if you simply don’t like the controls then you can’t do anything about it. This is a bit more awkward when you are playing local multiplayer as the controls will make your hands cross over and makes it difficult sometimes to control your character.

Each map that is currently available have been different from one another and will make you play in a different style, for example the forest map will have power ups that will help you that you will find by cutting the grass. While on the dungeon map the left and right side are blocked and to open it you have to press the button on your side to unlock it. It really makes for different styles of gameplay. Although there are only a few maps at the moment, I hope that they add more interesting maps to the game as it develops.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to the game if you’re going in it for the single player. Basically you will be versing the AI and it will increase in difficulty as you go on, after about 4 battles of winning consistently with the same character then you have won. That’s it, I feel like the game could have some more depth to the single player experience even though the game isn’t focused upon it. Maybe some sort of big championship thing that you compete in or something just to give a bit more depth to the single player experience.

The graphics of this game really give me, and maybe others, a very nostalgic feeling as the games graphics are heavily based upon older Zelda games. I really like the way that they also made each of the characters fit into the Zelda styled graphics making them all look like they have come from the original Zelda game.


+ Unique gameplay
+ Interesting characters, maps & different spheres
+ Each character has their own play styles
+ Retro Zelda inspired graphics & Characters


– No way to change the controls for single or multiplayer, making playing multiplayer on the same keyboard difficult as your hands will be crossed over.
– Lack of maps at the moment, but I’m sure there will be more interesting maps as the game gets developed more.
– Single player could use a lot of work, maybe some sort of championship to compete in.
– Although the game is only in local multiplayer, in this day and age of gaming I feel like there also should be an online multiplayer mode as well.

Result / Final Thoughts

Overall, the current game in its stage is fun and interesting to play. I feel like there is still a lot of improvements to be made while the game is still in Early Access, but at the moment you have a solid base game with a few characters, maps & Spheres and I would recommend to pick this up if you have another person to play with.

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