PREVIEW: Rayon Riddles – Rise of the Goblin King


Rayon Riddles – Rise of the Goblin King is a third-person adventure game developed by Lost The Game Studios and published by bitComposer Interactive GmbH. This game is very similar to early 2000s 3D adventure games like Monkey Island 4 and Broken Sword 3 – the Sleeping Dragon in all the good and bad ways.

Status: Released

Developer: Lost The Game Studios

Publisher: bitComposer Interactive

Genre: Third-person adventure

Release date: 11 November, 2016

Type: Single-player


The Goblins have been displaced and enslaved. It’s up to you to help them flee from the Orcs and return to their homeland. Solve puzzles and escape Orcs, Trolls and other creatures on an exciting and funny journey full of surprises. A lot of the humor feels less natural and quippy compared to something like the Monkey Island games, especially because there was a lot of potential here for a meta and self-aware adventure game. Unfortunately, it just isn’t all that interesting storywise.


The graphics are very messy. First of all, the game was forced to 29 FPS (yeah, not even 30), even though when I alt-tabbed it stayed at 60 FPS for a couple of seconds. The blur and antialiasing effects are very aggressive, and the textures look like mud. The animations are very unpolished, with very little transition between movement and idle animations. This ain’t a looker.


The game has many of the downfalls of other adventure games, especially comedic ones: there are way too many unneeded items in the environemnt, you can carry only one thing at a time, and the solutions are always either too simple or too convoluted than what you were thinking. This is a shame, since I did like the fact that you find more companions the further you play, each one with different skills, but it doesn’t bring that much novelty. Instead, it only gives you much more things to interact with.


Just like I said, the puzzles are more frustrating than enjoyable. You can also die in the levels, but it has little to no weight as you are instantly revived at a spawn-box.


The soundtrack is your typical generic up-beat fantasy music. The sound effects are unpolished, and the voices of the orcs and trolls tend to get quite annoying in the long run.


While you coud replay the game to get all of the achievements, there is very little satisfaction that makes it worth replaying every level.

Overall, this is a sub-par adventure game that features frustrating puzzle and uncompelling story that will definitely not appeal to veterans of the genre.

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