PREVIEW: Streamline


Streamline is a fun multiplayer action game filled with parkour, sprinting, gathering points and hitting players.

Status: Early Access

Developer: Proletariat

Publisher: Proletariat

Genre: Third-person Multiplayer

Release Date: 25th of October, 2016

Type: Multi-player

What is happening in the game:

You have to run around, being careful not to get hit by the player, currently holding the stop sign. While doing that, you have to gather as many points as possible to climb on the leaderboard. If you get hit by the player with the stop sign, you become the holder of the sign and you are not able to collect points until you manage to hit a player. While the chase is ongoing, random events also occur, an example of those is lava floor.


  • Graphics | The game looks quite good. I really like that everything is bright and colourful, which is something that I miss in a lot of games. The game itself is quite fast-paced and a different colour scheme would probably confuse players if too many things would be going on at the same time. Animations such as jumping and wall running are also surprisingly well-made.
  • Movement | As mentioned before, this game also includes wall-running, which is very fun to do. Wall-running in weird places usually also enables you to get much more points, which makes it an essential skill to be able to compete for the highest places on the leaderboard. You also have double jumping and trampolines. With those, you can jump really high and have a lot more fun.
  • Character Customization | I was really surprised by the amount of character customization this game is offering. You can change almost everything: your shirt, your pants, your shoes, your face, your skin and so on. Most of the available items also have a number of different colours to choose from, which lets you create the perfect colour combination for you.

  • Twitch Integration | Although integrating Twitch so deeply into the game also has a big downside which I will mention later in this review, I have to say that it also brings a lot of fun into this game. As one viewer sets up his stream, other players can join his party. Viewers of that person’s stream can then bet on any player in the party they want using their in-game coins. They can also select an event, which will then occur in the game and influence all players.
  • (Random) Events | As written above, viewers of one’s stream can pick an event that will influence the game. If there aren’t viewers or none of them choose to pick an event, an event is selected randomly every once in a while. Those events can really make the game much better. Let me list some of those events: Lava Floor (you must not touch the ground or your die), No Touching (if you touch another player, you die), Concrete Feet (you can’t double jump), Continuous Jumping (you can’t stop jumping) and a few more. I probably got a few names wrong, I apologise for that.
  • Maps | There are currently 6 maps in Streamline, all of them are quite good. Some of them have more trampolines than others, some have much better wall-climbing. If you get to choose the map, there is certainly a map which is right for you.

  • Pack Drops | After most matches, you will get a pack of items shaped like one of those bags you go to fitness with. The better you perform, the better are the chances of getting a pack of higher value. Each pack contains one or two things. You can either get a new item (most commonly a piece of clothing, a hairstyle or a pair of shoes) or, if you get two items, the second one can be a new colour for one of the items you already have. I really like that you get those packs so often because there are quite a lot of things to be unlocked.
  • Achievements | There are 49 achievements in this game and they contribute a lot to the overall quality of this game. They are really fun to achieve as they actually reward you for something special you do, not for grinding something for a long time.


  • Twitch Requirement | As much as Twitter integration can be fun, I find it weird that you can only play the game after logging in with Twitch and setting up some things first. I don’t really have a desire to stream my gameplay and I’m also not really keen on being on someone else’s stream. Developers are supposedly thinking of getting rid of this requirement, but as of now, it still exists in the game.
  • Hit Detection | Sometimes, you get hit by players that are not really that close, but you still get hit. If you figure how to use this, it’s very easy to kill other players, which is (in my opinion) giving an unfair advantage to some players.
  • Connectivity Problems | When I try to start playing, I am sometimes not able to do so because of some server communication problems. The issue usually goes away in a few minutes and it’s not really that often, but it’s still worth mentioning.
  • Resolution Issues | When I play in fullscreen mode, I can’t see all of the menus properly. When I wanted to check the commands in the options menu, I had to switch to windowed mode, or some of the menu would be cut off for some reason.
  • Pricing | Honestly, I’m not sure if $20 is the right price tag for this game. Sure, it has a lot of content and it’s pretty fun, but for $20 you can get some much better games-

The final verdict:

The game is certainly very fun. Although it was lacking players a month ago, the influx of new players certainly gave this game a huge boost and now it’s not ever a problem to find somebody to play with. The game looks awesome and plays awesome, which outweighs most of the negative things in this game.
If you’re looking for some fun multiplayer action, this is certainly the way to go. Although the price is a bit high, there’s no reason not to get this for yourself when it’s on discount.

With love,

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