Next Level of this Project

Dear readers/followers of PCGN,

This is the 3000th article published on this site, created in 2011 as a side project for a high school student to spend his free time on things he loves to do: playing games and writing about them. I never imagined that 6 years later I would manage to gather a team of 30+ people and start this upgrade project.

As the title says, we have leveled up. The project isn’t dead, it’s just being upgraded, or in gamer words: “we are leveling up”. With a new name, new domain, new design and much better control of every aspect of the project, we are going to try to deliver something different to the PC Gaming world/community. I always wanted to be different from others in almost anything I’ve tried in my life (both real and virtual).

I had so much fun with this site — or blog as it was labeled in the beginning — but now I am having more fun than ever. I met many many great people throughout these 6 years and I hope that we (the team) will be able to achieve something with this site.

The new site is called SoQ which stands for Save or Quit. You will find the link to the website here: The site officially launches tomorrow (Monday, 30th of January 2017) so please visit us on the new domain, the next level of our project, but don’t forget this nostalgic site either. It will remain online as long as possible, even though we have transferred almost every single article from  PCGN to SoQ.

I am sad and happy at the same time, but my happiness certainly outweighs my sadness. I hope the SoQ team will enjoy this new journey, as well as the “old” readers/followers of course. I hope we can attract more people with the upgraded site and project. We are going into a more serious mode.

I want to thank everyone who helped me during the last 6 years. I can’t remember every single person who has helped me or contributed to this site, that’s why I am thankful and grateful to everyone involved in this project, no matter how small your contribution.

PC Gamers: be good, be safe and be sure to follow us on the new site.

Best regards,

The Founder of PCGN  (SoQ),

Ivica Perokovic

One thought on “Next Level of this Project

  1. Hey everyone! I hope you check out our brand new site. You’ll get to see a lot more unique content on there that I’ll be setting up alongside everyone else!

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