PREVIEW: Mr Shifty

While complete clones are usually frowned upon, when a good formula has been established there is no reason not to get inspiration from it either to give us more of what we are craving, or to further a genre. After all, FPS games started off as “Doom-likes”. And when the inspiration is the masterpiece Hotline…

PREVIEW: Earth Liberation

Earth Liberation aims to recapture the essence of old-school fast-paced RTS games rather than revolutionize the genre. A game that looks like StarCraft but plays more like Command & Conquer, with no resource gathering? Sign me in, I will join the front!

REVIEW: Daily Chthonicle

We have seen procedurally generated characters, procedurally generated planets, procedurally generated weapons, procedurally generated levels… What is less common is procedurally generated stories.

REVIEW: Red Rope: Don’t Fall Behind

Most cooperative games are content with being on the same screen and fighting stuff together. In Red Rope, it goes much further as both players are locked with a rope and need to synchronize their movements to vanquish their foes and solve the puzzles. Or pull your partner into an enemy and yell at them…