PREVIEW: Guardians of Ember

Guardians of Ember is an early access game which plays like a combination of Diablo and WoW. Is it good enough to be on your watch list or should be dumped in the sale bin of steam? Let’s find out:

PREVIEW: Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages

Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages is a turn-based strategy title by the developers over at HeroCraft. They are no strangers to the strategy genre, making several medieval and modern themed games over the past year. It has been over a month since the game was released into Early Access and it has already seen some…

PREVIEW: Fear Effect Sedna

Fear Effect Sedna is a tactical strategy game, a new game from an existing series of PlayStation games. This game is currently in alpha state and everything below is only valid for the current build of the game and may or may not change in the future.

PREVIEW: Unexplored

Action roguelikes, or “roguelites”, however you want to put it, have become quite the popular thing lately.  Many of them go with all sorts of different gameplay concepts, but the focus is usually purely on the action… a far cry from classic turn-based roguelikes, where strategy, planning, and decision-making were the core of the experience,…