The Unity 5 Engine shows its potential once again, in the hands of a creative developer (at the start of his career, no less!) who manages to add another fine title to Steam’s growing collection of indie abstract games. CONSTRUCT has indeed a clearly defined gameplay design but the clever use of shapes and effects…


REVIEW: Your Star

Your Star is essentially a Puzzle-Based Adventure mashed up with Survival Horror style gameplay. The story revolves around a young boy who lost his memories and is now stranded in a huge mansion, on a quest to find what he lost of himself and also to find Maya, his sister who, for some reason yet…


REVIEW: Not Dying Today

Not Dying Today is a 2D side scrolling action adventure game set in a world overrun by – you guessed it – “zombies.” Does it continue the fatigue of the zombie titles on the market or provide a nice change of pace? Let’s find out:


REVIEW: Archibald’s Adventures

A group of teen boys’ day of skateboarding goes horribly wrong when one of them falls into a pipe and ends up in a mad scientist’s mansion, where the aforementioned genius is also now trapped because of a failed experiment. 191 levels to skateboard, fly, arrange boxes, switch levers and play with bombs. If you…