REVIEW: Alien Shooter TD

Alien Shooter TD is a tower defence game set in the Alien Shooter game world. You’re a commander in charge of Earth’s defence forces as you try to wipe out the invading alien threat. You’re given command of SWAT, marines and various specialist military units, and with these paltry few you have to save the planet.

REVIEW: Best Buds vs Bad Guys

Best Buds vs Bad Guys, otherwise known as Best Buds in your Steam library, is a retro-inspired run & gun game. The problem with being retro inspired is being able to differentiate what makes those games fun and what made them a pain. I welcome games deciding to be challenging, but having design decisions that…

REVIEW: Milkmaid of the Milky Way

Ruth, a simple farm girl living in Western Norway in 1929 has her life turned upside down all of a sudden after a thunderstorm. Pixelated graphics leave a lot for the player’s own imagination to fill in with the otherwise beautiful looking locations, and gives the game that charming retro-feel at the same time.

REVIEW: 8-Bit Hordes

This is the second title (by release date) within Petroglyph’s 8-Bit series and as soon as you start playing it one thing becomes clear: it’s a homage to both classic Command & Conquer as well as Warcraft RTS’ from back in the day when real time strategy was all about the challenge and didn’t care…