REVIEW: Best Buds vs Bad Guys

Best Buds vs Bad Guys, otherwise known as Best Buds in your Steam library, is a retro-inspired run & gun game. The problem with being retro inspired is being able to differentiate what makes those games fun and what made them a pain. I welcome games deciding to be challenging, but having design decisions that…

REVIEW: Not Dying Today

Not Dying Today is a 2D side scrolling action adventure game set in a world overrun by – you guessed it – “zombies.” Does it continue the fatigue of the zombie titles on the market or provide a nice change of pace? Let’s find out:

REVIEW: Operation Hardcore

Operation Hardcore is a 2D side-scrolling stick shooter with some modern twists, but still heavily inspired by old classics of the same genre like, for example, Contra.

REVIEW: Alchemic Jousts

Alchemic Jousts is a casual two-dimensional tower defence game in which you must use your burgeoning elemental magic abilities to destroy your opponents’ towers while protecting your own.