PREVIEW: Mr Shifty

While complete clones are usually frowned upon, when a good formula has been established there is no reason not to get inspiration from it either to give us more of what we are craving, or to further a genre. After all, FPS games started off as “Doom-likes”. And when the inspiration is the masterpiece Hotline…

REVIEW: Not Dying Today

Not Dying Today is a 2D side scrolling action adventure game set in a world overrun by – you guessed it – “zombies.” Does it continue the fatigue of the zombie titles on the market or provide a nice change of pace? Let’s find out:

REVIEW: Redemption: Saints And Sinners

First Person Puzzlers are a fascinating mix of action and adventure and there’s no denying that in recent years there’s been a hefty stream of quality titles related to this subgenre.The Talos Principle and A Story About My Uncle, stand out in my eyes. Had plenty of fun with them. It’s unfortunate that the game…

REVIEW: Kalaban

Kalaban is a horror adventure game which focuses on the main character trying to escape a town where things have gone awfully wrong. Does it manage to creep out the player or become another snoozefest/ Let’s find out: