REVIEW: Spareware

Spareware is a science fiction twin-stick shooter from new indie developer, Rusto. In Spareware you play a robot attempting to save humanity. Exactly what we’re saving humanity from I’m not quite sure — the story’s a bit haphazard — but I believe it’s an evil AI overlord or something. In any case, during your quest…

REVIEW: Livelock

Livelock describes itself as a co-operative top-down shooter but the more I played it, the more I felt like it had some influences from action RPGs in terms of combat. Take a pick from one out of three different characters, each with their unique play style, and unleash havoc in a barren Earth.

The Guild 3 revealed

Nordic Games, with help from Canadian developers GolemLabs, have revealed The Guild 3. Blending strategy, historical life simulation and economic simulation, players will get their build their dynasty in any way they see fit.