REVIEW: City Car Driving

City Card Driving is developed by Forward Development Ltd. and published by Forward Global Group Ltd. It is their first project on Steam and they show great promise, considering that more than half of the simulators on Steam are subpar in terms of both overall quality and in the purposed simulation itself.

PREVIEW: Diesel Guns

In a similar vein as the Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8 series, Diesel Guns is a combination of one part arena gun battle, one part destruction derby racing and one part wacky. Currently in Early Access, there isn’t a ton of stuff to do right now, but assuming the Development team keeps up with their…

Auto Age: Standoff is MOBA with cars

There was a time when MOBA was very popular, then there was a time when everyone tried to make MOBA and now we are living in a time where everyone still tries to make a MOBA, but just sligthly differently than others (innovating).