REVIEW: Your Star

Your Star is essentially a Puzzle-Based Adventure mashed up with Survival Horror style gameplay. The story revolves around a young boy who lost his memories and is now stranded in a huge mansion, on a quest to find what he lost of himself and also to find Maya, his sister who, for some reason yet…


My apologies if the review below looks more like a rant to you than an actual analysis of the game I was given the chance to try out. Some things I really can’t overlook. “Minor” issues like erasing my entire game progress, for instance.

REVIEW: Kalaban

Kalaban is a horror adventure game which focuses on the main character trying to escape a town where things have gone awfully wrong. Does it manage to creep out the player or become another snoozefest/ Let’s find out:

REVIEW: Daily Chthonicle

We have seen procedurally generated characters, procedurally generated planets, procedurally generated weapons, procedurally generated levels… What is less common is procedurally generated stories.