Make no mistake: Al・Fine is not a dungeon crawler, so any comparison to other shop management games like Reccetear is unfair. You won’t be going around and killing monsters and looting items to sell nor will you be crafting. Instead, you’ll be clicking to places on the map to visit them, which makes time pass, buying goods to sell in your shop, and managing adventurers who will go out and fight monsters in your stead.

REVIEW: Charlie’s Adventure

Charlie’s Adventure is a relatively short two-dimensional platformer from indie developers, Just1337 Studios. In Charlie’s Adventure you play the titular Charlie. A young boy who, upon finding a strange box in his sand pit and opening it, unwittingly causes zombies to invade the world. Never fear, though, the same box seems to have given Charlie…

PREVIEW: Hive Jump

In its current state, Hive Jump Offers a daily challenge and an arcade mode which you can play by yourself or with up to three friends both locally and online. Combat is fast-paced and frantic, requiring quick reflexes and proper use of your abilities.