PREVIEW: Flat Heroes

Flat Heroes is developed and published by Parallel Circles. Given their studio name, isn’t it slightly ironic that their first and so far only Steam project, is a game in which squares take center stage? Another Early Access, another preview from me. At least this one was fun, which seems to be a rarity nowadays…

REVIEW: Arkshot

Self-proclaimed as “Quake meets Duck Game”, Arkshot is an online first-person archery game developed by Code Avarice. But how does it hold up? Let’s find out.

PREVIEW: SpiritSphere

SpiritSphere was developed and published by Eendhoorn Games. The game at this current early access stage seems to have a lot of potential, it is very fun to play but there are a few improvements that I would like to bring up to make the gameplay more enjoyable and better overall.