REVIEW: Woodle Tree 2: Worlds

Woodle Tree 2: Worlds is a 3D open-world platform / exploration game set in a very colorful and bright fantasy world, populated with a variety of creatues, including sentient leaves, flying squirrels and others.


The Unity 5 Engine shows its potential once again, in the hands of a creative developer (at the start of his career, no less!) who manages to add another fine title to Steam’s growing collection of indie abstract games. CONSTRUCT has indeed a clearly defined gameplay design but the clever use of shapes and effects…

PREVIEW: Shadows

Shadows is an early access platformer bathed in the shadows. With the flood of early access games, is this worth picking up? Or is it just another early access game you can skip?

REVIEW: Archibald’s Adventures

A group of teen boys’ day of skateboarding goes horribly wrong when one of them falls into a pipe and ends up in a mad scientist’s mansion, where the aforementioned genius is also now trapped because of a failed experiment. 191 levels to skateboard, fly, arrange boxes, switch levers and play with bombs. If you…