REVIEW: Megalo Polis

Megalo Polis is funny… At first. Then, the repetitive gameplay and the grating, squeaky voices of the ridiculous, bobble-headed candidates drags down the whole experience. If the “strategy” tag on this game appealed to you, you’ll be sorely disappointed.


Occasionally, late at night, I like to imagine the lives of the heroes of the various games that we, people, play. Just run with me on this for a moment, indulge my brief insanity here please, this will all make sense shortly. Imagine if you will that Mario has hung up his dungarees and settled…

REVIEW: DreamBreak

When I first came across DreamBreak I was really excited by what I saw, the gorgeous pixel art, the lovely soundtrack, which you can listen to in the trailer, and the feeling of a dystopian USSR made me crave for this game.

REVIEW: Lovely Planet Arcade

The original Lovely Planet was certainly an unexpected bit of joy – And by joy I mean frantic, stressful, skill-demanding shooting that was punctuated by a (mostly) strong soundtrack and bright, cheerful visuals.