REVIEW: Merger 3D

Merger 3D is a 3D shooter that plays on the nostalgic vintage era of shooters. An Homage to Classic Doom, maybe almost plagiaristic, as the first level song I think is actually from Classic Doom lol. I can let that slide tho as the music is dope lol.

REVIEW: Operation Hardcore

Operation Hardcore is a 2D side-scrolling stick shooter with some modern twists, but still heavily inspired by old classics of the same genre like, for example, Contra.

REVIEW: End Of The Mine

The cleverly-titled End of the Mine is a mostly enjoyable if somewhat unexceptional 2D platformer/shooter, in which the player mines for interplanetary goodies while blasting endless hordes of beasties. Find weapons, upgrade weapons, craft ammo, kill monsters, and…that’s about it, really.

REVIEW: Rocket Riot

Currently, Rocket Riot only offers an explosive (ohoho) single player experience, but its Xbox Live debut back in 2009 had multiplayer which some people might miss or want. The developers are looking into some alternatives since they don’t have the Live integration which means this review will only focus on what’s there.