The Unity 5 Engine shows its potential once again, in the hands of a creative developer (at the start of his career, no less!) who manages to add another fine title to Steam’s growing collection of indie abstract games. CONSTRUCT has indeed a clearly defined gameplay design but the clever use of shapes and effects…

REVIEW: Redemption: Saints And Sinners

First Person Puzzlers are a fascinating mix of action and adventure and there’s no denying that in recent years there’s been a hefty stream of quality titles related to this subgenre.The Talos Principle and A Story About My Uncle, stand out in my eyes. Had plenty of fun with them. It’s unfortunate that the game…

REVIEW: The Butterfly Sign

What would you ever do if you lost your memories in a tragic attack? If you happened to be the only survivor, how could you get your memories back quickly? The Butterfly Sign takes this and runs. In this first chapter of a trilogy, let’s see how this first impression is.

REVIEW: Disoriented

This is a 3D puzzle game in a similar style to games like The Bridge, Evo Explores and Monument Valley but there are two major differences: