REVIEW: Alien Shooter TD

Alien Shooter TD is a tower defence game set in the Alien Shooter game world. You’re a commander in charge of Earth’s defence forces as you try to wipe out the invading alien threat. You’re given command of SWAT, marines and various specialist military units, and with these paltry few you have to save the planet.

REVIEW: Best Buds vs Bad Guys

Best Buds vs Bad Guys, otherwise known as Best Buds in your Steam library, is a retro-inspired run & gun game. The problem with being retro inspired is being able to differentiate what makes those games fun and what made them a pain. I welcome games deciding to be challenging, but having design decisions that…

REVIEW: Woodle Tree 2: Worlds

Woodle Tree 2: Worlds is a 3D open-world platform / exploration game set in a very colorful and bright fantasy world, populated with a variety of creatues, including sentient leaves, flying squirrels and others.

PREVIEW: Economic Conquest – Fluctuating Domination

Economic Conquest is an economic strategy game developed and published by Frismos. This will mark the developer’s first venture into the Early Access program as well as their first Steam release. The game offers thirty missions with six of them representing the tutorial portion, which does a decent job of easing the player into the…