Rohan 2 getting global launch?

Sequel to the Rohan Online, Rohan 2 is apperently getting global launch, but after Taiwan and then Korean version.

The developer Playwith also brought this game to the ChinaJoy last week, where they revelaed that game should get global launch after Korean first test.

There will be 6 chapters in Rohan 2, and currently the first chapter “Steel Chapter” has been revealed. As a RTS game, players have to expand their power by their mercenary army. In Rohan 2, players can experience the gameplay of both hero developing and army managing.

What’s more, the PvP feature, which will be one of the key gameplays, will also be released in near future to bring the exciting 8v8 battle and guild wars to all the players. More information will be revealed soon, let’s stay tuned.

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