The Lore of Albion Online to be Conveyed Through a Fantasy Novel Book

Sandbox Interactive, the developer of medieval sandbox MMORPG Albion Online, is happy to announce a collaboration with Peter Newman, the acclaimed English fantasy author of “The Vagrant” series, who will write the very first Albion Online fantasy novel. The developers have been working on expanding the lore of the game for a while now and, in fact, are planning to release a new lore section soon, explaining the history and factions of Albion that will be the foundation of the upcoming book’s narrative.

Robin Henkys, the game director at Sandbox Interactive, sat down with Peter Newman to discuss the author’s inspirations as well as the challenges he faces in writing a novel based on a video game.

To watch the interview video visit:

The interview reveals how Newman created three distinct protagonists setting out to Albion and leaving their mark in very different ways in order to capture the sandbox experience and character of the game. The author explains how he tried to write from the perspective of a player’s experience of the game in order to capture the spirit of Albion, while at the same time providing an enticing story. Additionally, according to the author, the active community of Albion Online has a substantial influence on the game world, which led him to select some of the most distinguished player characters or their deeds from the Alpha stage to be included into the story. The book is planned to be released in Q1 of 2016 as an ebook and paperback.

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